Food Safety Train the Trainer


The Food Safety Train the Trainer course ensures that delegates understand the importance of good personal and environmental hygiene when working with food, be that in catering, retail or manufacturing. They will understand how to identify risks of contamination, and will then be able to implement cleaning processes so as to eliminate the causes of bacteria spread or food poisoning. As well as this, delegates will be equipped with a range of essential training skills, so that they can deliver clear and informative training to other members of staff in-house, making this a great investment for businesses.


  • Course introduction
  • Remaining compliant
  • Recognise risks and hazards
  • Importance of personal and environmental hygiene
  • Processes to maintain hygiene
  • Minimising contamination risks
  • Trainer skills:
  • Introducing the course
  • Techniques for teaching
  • Methods of presentation
  • Different ways of learning
  • Retaining information
  • Providing and receiving feedback
  • Evaluations
  • Good and bad training (techniques, delivery and attitude)


This course is delivered over 1 day and a certificate will be awarded upon successful completion of a final written exam.

Time and Location

You can have your training delivered whenever and wherever you would like. We have trainers located across the UK and, with over 300 centres, you can be sure to find a location nearby. This also makes us flexible with time, and we will work around your schedule, even if you need training on the weekends.

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