Equality & Diversity Training


Equality and Diversity Awareness ensures that delegates understand why the needs of everyone should be respected and how their own thoughts and opinions can affect those around them, sometimes leading to discrimination. They will realise the importance of treating all staff/those under their care equally and will learn the benefits of a diverse workforce and the promotion of equal opportunities. The course is designed for any staff in the care sector and meets recommendations underlined by the CQC.


  • Course introduction
  • Remaining compliant
  • What is equality?
  • What is diversity?
  • The importance of equality and diversity
  • The benefits of a diverse workforce
  • Understanding the requirements of others
  • Respecting all staff and patients
  • How to ensure that equality and diversity is implemented


This course is delivered over 2 hours and a certificate will be awarded upon successful completion.

Time and Location

You can have your training delivered whenever and wherever you would like. We have trainers located across the UK and, with over 300 centres, you can be sure to find a location nearby. This also makes us flexible with time, and we will work around your schedule, even if you need training on the weekends.

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