Fire Safety Training Courses

Food Safety Training Courses

Our range of HABC accredited courses covers all aspects of health and safety training required of those handling food. From manufacturing to allergen awareness, to risk assessments for restaurant owners, we provide the training you need, at a time and place best suited to you.

With over 300 onsite food safety instructors located across the UK, we are well equipped to deliver training to suit your requirements. To discuss your options and book your training in, please call on: 0129 360 2391

In-House Food Safety Training:
HABC Food Safety Level 1
HABC Food Safety Level 2
HABC Food Safety Level 3
HABC Food Safety Level 4
Allergen Awareness
Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points

Course Delivery
We primarily delivery in-house training, but our expertise in the industry has also helped place over 2,500 people last year on food safety open courses. To find out about your local centre, and the nearest dates available, please just call.

Likewise to book an in-house instructor, just give us a call or drop us a message & let us know when would be best to call you back!

Freephone: 0129 360 2391