Care Certificate Training Courses

Care Certificate Training Courses


The Care Certificate is a programme which covers the 15 most essential care standards, as recommended by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). The course is designed as a replacement for both the Common Induction Standards and the National Minimum Training Standards, and is highly recommended for those who are new to the care sector. There is no specific time frame for the training and delegates can work at a pace to suit their circumstances, however it is suggested that the average time for completion is 12 weeks.

• Course introduction
The 15 standards of care:
• Understanding Your Role
• Your Personal Development
• Duty of Care
• Equality and Diversity
• Person Centred Care
• Communication
• Privacy and Dignity
• Fluids and Nutrition
• Awareness of Mental Health, Dementia and Learning Disability
• Safeguarding Adults
• Safeguarding Children
• Basic Life Support
• Health and Safety
• Handling Information
• Infection Prevention and Control

This course takes approximately 12 weeks to complete, although duration depends entirely on the delegate. The training is all online based to make this possible, however we do also offer an in-house training programme which covers all 15 standards over the course of a week (3-4 per day).

Time and Location
You can have your training delivered whenever and wherever you would like. We have trainers located across the UK and, with over 300 centres, you can be sure to find a location nearby. This also makes us flexible with time, and we will work around your schedule, even if you need training on the weekends.

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